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Everyone has their days Hope this cheers you all up Very funny people doing stupid things falls everything Funny s Sub for more s like this

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people doing crazy stupid stuff if you like stuff like that you gotta watch this

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This Video was taped at 1 00am in the mornging it was pitch black and we could not see This was an awsome experience so i hope mabey you will try it one day

the kitty cat stupid show episode 5 cat is the word languages and chases

Cat Kitty sings a parody of a song Cat 1 Kitty creates a made up language because that s fun Chloe Kitty does nothing really and 2 Cat Kitty does Span

how to by robux qnd roblox with a crazy family

Hi guys this is my first ever so plz subscribe and leave a big fat like

two people being stupid 2



dancing bugging out s crazy stuff etc

stupid freshman kids misbehaving

yes we are proud of being idiots at the age of 18

the kitty cat stupid show episode 7 random kitty carpets facts and explosions

Chloe and 2 Cat Kitty try to fit carpets but couldn t because they re cats and Cat Kitty somehow turned into a carpet After that though Cat Kitty says fact

stupid people cleaning

trying to make a bed

a girl acting stupid

really funny but stupid more funny D

rocky the puggle meets lazer

Comedy rocky the family dog meets his match when he sees the lazer pen This will make you roll on the floor laughing Meet rocky the crazy stupid puggle

stupid shit tuesday

My friends Tanner Butters and Blair doing stupid things on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving

food challenge w laney buhg

food challenge with laney buhg watch as we eat gross things do stupid stuff and throwup

i wish people would stop calling me i don t have any money

Why do people always call you when you are broke and don t have any money When you do have something No one wants to call or help you Why are people so

day 245 glenn beck the epitome of stupidity

Here s a link to the article To the left side of the page there is an available sound clip just click the play button examiner political b

stupid stunces

here we are doing stupid stuff in a basement

gta iv not so good moments part 1

Nico Bellic is altijd al een rare rus tot op deze dagen dat roman dood is

gta5 online trouble on the hill

Me and my friend having fun doing stupid stuff

a fight versus my lil bro

uploaded from my mobile phone

white people dancing

random white people dancing

roblox bloopers

Roblox Bloopers Join Roblox At roblox And as u can see that aint my Robloxian

jackasses of the future ep1

this is a reandom with random people doing random stuff lmfao

onist overtime stress relief

ONIST OVERTIME STRESS RELIEF Thought I had it locked had my mental state under control but I was mistaken by my own brain I need some help think I m goi

war of nevada 2

Better than the first some stupid stuff still editing last one which was actually kick A

my day

So this is waht happens when stupid stuff consumes my life style All credits to the song go to Graffiti6 and their label No copyright infringement intended

retard hunting 2


not safe for vegans

Had to do a one take today We did some fun stuff this weekend but didn t really vlog much enjoy Have a great week Make sure to subscribe

silly class project

we had to make a of physical and chemical changes but we had no materials so we had to sue the most stupid stuff ever D we recorded this in the s

gpt news episode 1 some pc gaming neat launchers

The Neat and Stupid stuff thing is not going to be a series but my gamerplustime News is going to be a series There is no schedule as to when each series

4wheelergirl1 when i grow up

Singing and dancing

fire fire fire 8 9 09 97

hope you guys enjoy haha

the peoples corner shit get real

the peoples corner tyree time me jus goin in on wut eva i feel iz important at the time goin off on the world my segment on life n stupid stuff i dont like

the beast

Feat Honda TRX 250ex

rock band 2 eye of the tiger

crazyshadowxl Guitar crazyknuckles microphone